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icalspanlist.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Code that supports collections of free/busy spans of time.

Definition in file icalspanlist.h.

#include "ical.h"
#include "icalset.h"

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typedef struct icalspanlist_impl icalspanlist


int * icalspanlist_as_freebusy_matrix (icalspanlist *span, int delta_t)
 Return an integer matrix of total events per delta_t timespan.
icalcomponent * icalspanlist_as_vfreebusy (icalspanlist *s_in, const char *organizer, const char *attendee)
 Return a valid VFREEBUSY component for this span.
void icalspanlist_dump (icalspanlist *s)
 (Debug) print out spanlist to stdout.
void icalspanlist_free (icalspanlist *spl)
icalspanlist * icalspanlist_from_vfreebusy (icalcomponent *c)
 Construct an icalspanlist from a VFREEBUSY component.
icalcomponent * icalspanlist_make_busy_list (icalspanlist *sl)
icalcomponent * icalspanlist_make_free_list (icalspanlist *sl)
icalspanlist * icalspanlist_new (icalset *set, struct icaltimetype start, struct icaltimetype end)
 Constructor Make a free list from a set of component. Start and end should be in UTC.
struct icalperiodtype icalspanlist_next_busy_time (icalspanlist *sl, struct icaltimetype t)
struct icalperiodtype icalspanlist_next_free_time (icalspanlist *sl, struct icaltimetype t)
 Find next free time span in a spanlist.

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