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icalcomponent* icalspanlist_as_vfreebusy ( icalspanlist *  sl,
const char *  organizer,
const char *  attendee 

Return a valid VFREEBUSY component for this span.

Return a valid VFREEBUSY component for this span.

sl A valid icalspanlist, from icalspanlist_new()
organizer The organizer specified as MAILTO:user
attendee The attendee specified as MAILTO:user
A valid icalcomponent or NULL.
This function returns a VFREEBUSY component for the given spanlist. The start time is mapped to DTSTART, the end time to DTEND. Each busy span is represented as a separate FREEBUSY entry. An attendee parameter is required, and organizer parameter is optional.

Definition at line 452 of file icalspanlist.c.

References icaltime_span::end, icaltimezone_get_utc_timezone(), icaltime_span::is_busy, and icaltime_span::start.

  icalcomponent *comp;
  icalproperty *p;
  struct icaltimetype atime = icaltime_from_timet( time(0),0);
  pvl_elem itr;
  icaltimezone *utc_zone;
  icalparameter *param;

  if (!attendee) {
    return 0;

  utc_zone = icaltimezone_get_utc_timezone ();

  comp = icalcomponent_new_vfreebusy();
  icalcomponent_add_property(comp, icalproperty_new_dtstart(sl->start));
  icalcomponent_add_property(comp, icalproperty_new_dtend(sl->end));
  icalcomponent_add_property(comp, icalproperty_new_dtstamp(atime));

  if (organizer) {
    icalcomponent_add_property(comp, icalproperty_new_organizer(organizer));
  icalcomponent_add_property(comp, icalproperty_new_attendee(attendee));

  /* now add the freebusy sections.. */

  for( itr = pvl_head(sl->spans);  itr != 0;  itr = pvl_next(itr)) {
    struct icalperiodtype period;
    struct icaltime_span *s = (struct icaltime_span*)pvl_data(itr);

    if (s->is_busy == 1) {

      period.start = icaltime_from_timet_with_zone (s->start, 0, utc_zone);
      period.end   = icaltime_from_timet_with_zone (s->end, 0, utc_zone);
      period.duration = icaldurationtype_null_duration();

      p = icalproperty_new_freebusy(period);
      param = icalparameter_new_fbtype(ICAL_FBTYPE_BUSY);
      icalproperty_add_parameter(p, param);

      icalcomponent_add_property(comp, p);

  return comp;

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