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icaltimezone.h File Reference

Detailed Description

timezone handling routines

Definition in file icaltimezone.h.

#include <stdio.h>
#include "icaltime.h"
#include "icalarray.h"
#include "icalcomponent.h"

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void free_zone_directory (void)
void icaltimezone_array_append_from_vtimezone (icalarray *timezones, icalcomponent *child)
void icaltimezone_array_free (icalarray *timezones)
icalarray * icaltimezone_array_new (void)
void icaltimezone_convert_time (struct icaltimetype *tt, icaltimezone *from_zone, icaltimezone *to_zone)
int icaltimezone_dump_changes (icaltimezone *zone, int max_year, FILE *fp)
void icaltimezone_free (icaltimezone *zone, int free_struct)
void icaltimezone_free_builtin_timezones (void)
icaltimezone * icaltimezone_get_builtin_timezone (const char *location)
icaltimezone * icaltimezone_get_builtin_timezone_from_tzid (const char *tzid)
icalarray * icaltimezone_get_builtin_timezones (void)
icalcomponent * icaltimezone_get_component (icaltimezone *zone)
double icaltimezone_get_latitude (icaltimezone *zone)
char * icaltimezone_get_location (icaltimezone *zone)
double icaltimezone_get_longitude (icaltimezone *zone)
char * icaltimezone_get_tzid (icaltimezone *zone)
char * icaltimezone_get_tznames (icaltimezone *zone)
int icaltimezone_get_utc_offset (icaltimezone *zone, struct icaltimetype *tt, int *is_daylight)
int icaltimezone_get_utc_offset_of_utc_time (icaltimezone *zone, struct icaltimetype *tt, int *is_daylight)
icaltimezone * icaltimezone_get_utc_timezone (void)
icaltimezone * icaltimezone_new (void)
int icaltimezone_set_component (icaltimezone *zone, icalcomponent *comp)
void set_zone_directory (char *path)

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