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VComponent Class Reference

#include <vcomponent.h>

Inherited by VAgenda, VAlarm, VCalendar, VEvent, VFreeBusy, VJournal, VQuery, VTimezone, VToDo, XDaylight, and XStandard.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A class wrapping the libical icalcomponent functions.

icalerrorenum Any errors generated in libical are propogated via this exception type.

Definition at line 29 of file vcomponent.h.

Public Member Functions

bool add (VComponent &)
void add_component (VComponent *child)
void add_property (ICalProperty *property)
 Working with properties.
string as_ical_string () throw (icalerrorenum)
icalcompiter begin_component (icalcomponent_kind kind)
 Using external iterators.
void convert_errors ()
 Convert some X-LIC-ERROR properties into RETURN-STATUS properties.
int count_components (icalcomponent_kind kind)
int count_errors ()
 Working with embedded error properties.
int count_properties (icalproperty_kind kind)
VComponentcurrent (icalcompiter *i)
void detach ()
icalcompiter end_component (icalcomponent_kind kind)
string get_comment ()
VComponentget_current_component ()
 Iterate through components.
ICalProperty * get_current_property ()
string get_description ()
struct icaltimetype get_dtend ()
struct icaltimetype get_dtstamp ()
struct icaltimetype get_dtstart ()
struct icaltimetype get_due ()
struct icaldurationtype get_duration ()
VComponentget_first_component (icalcomponent_kind kind)
ICalProperty * get_first_property (icalproperty_kind kind)
VComponentget_first_real_component ()
VComponentget_inner ()
string get_location ()
icalproperty_method get_method ()
VComponentget_next_component (icalcomponent_kind kind)
ICalProperty * get_next_property (icalproperty_kind kind)
struct icaltimetype get_recurrenceid ()
string get_relcalid ()
int get_sequence ()
virtual struct icaltime_span get_span ()
int get_status ()
string get_summary ()
string get_uid ()
bool is_valid ()
icalcomponent_kind isa ()
int isa_component (void *component)
void new_from_string (string str)
VComponentnext (icalcompiter *i)
 operator icalcomponent * ()
VComponentoperator= (const VComponent &) throw (icalerrorenum)
VComponentprev (icalcompiter *i)
int recurrence_is_excluded (struct icaltimetype *dtstart, struct icaltimetype *recurtime)
bool remove (VComponent &, bool ignoreValue)
 Note: the VComponent kind have to be the same.
void remove_component (VComponent *child)
void remove_property (ICalProperty *property)
void set_comment (string v)
void set_description (string v)
void set_dtend (struct icaltimetype v)
void set_dtstamp (struct icaltimetype v)
void set_dtstart (struct icaltimetype v)
void set_due (struct icaltimetype v)
void set_duration (struct icaldurationtype v)
void set_location (string v)
void set_method (icalproperty_method method)
void set_recurrenceid (struct icaltimetype v)
void set_relcalid (string v)
void set_sequence (int v)
void set_status (enum icalproperty_status v)
void set_summary (string v)
void set_uid (string v)
void strip_errors ()
 Remove all X-LIC-ERROR properties.
bool update (VComponent &, bool removeMissing)
 VComponent (icalcomponent_kind kind) throw (icalerrorenum)
 VComponent (string str) throw (icalerrorenum)
 VComponent (icalcomponent *v) throw (icalerrorenum)
 VComponent (const VComponent &) throw (icalerrorenum)

Static Public Member Functions

static string kind_to_string (icalcomponent_kind kind)
static icalcomponent_kind string_to_kind (string str)
 Kind conversion routines.

Private Member Functions

VComponentget_parent ()
char * quote_ical_string (char *str)
void set_parent (VComponent *parent)

Private Attributes

icalcomponent * imp

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