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net::cp::jlibical::ICalTimeType Class Reference

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Detailed Description

struct icaltimetype

Definition at line 10 of file ICalTimeType.java.

Public Member Functions

int getDay ()
int getHour ()
boolean getIs_date ()
boolean getIs_utc ()
int getMinute ()
int getMonth ()
int getSecond ()
int getYear ()
String getZone ()
 ICalTimeType ()
void setDay (int lcl_arg0)
void setHour (int lcl_arg0)
void setIs_date (boolean lcl_arg0)
void setIs_utc (boolean lcl_arg0)
void setMinute (int lcl_arg0)
void setMonth (int lcl_arg0)
void setSecond (int lcl_arg0)
void setYear (int lcl_arg0)
void setZone (String lcl_arg0)

Package Functions

 ICalTimeType (long obj)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

native void init (long obj)

Static Private Member Functions

static native void initFIDs ()

Private Attributes

int day
int hour
int is_date
int is_utc
int minute
int month
int second
int year
String zone = new String()

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