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net::cp::jlibical::ICalTriggerType Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

struct icaltriggertype

Definition at line 10 of file ICalTriggerType.java.

Public Member Functions

ICalDurationType getDuration ()
ICalTimeType getTime ()
 ICalTriggerType ()
void setDuration (ICalDurationType lcl_arg0)
void setTime (ICalTimeType lcl_arg0)

Package Functions

 ICalTriggerType (long aTime, long aDuration)
 ICalTriggerType (long obj)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

native void init (long obj)
void init (long aTime, long aDuration)

Static Private Member Functions

static native void initFIDs ()

Private Attributes

ICalDurationType duration = new ICalDurationType()
ICalTimeType time = new ICalTimeType()

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