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static void icaltimezone_reset ( icaltimezone *  zone  )  [static]

Resets the icaltimezone to the initial state, freeing most of the fields.

Definition at line 258 of file icaltimezone.c.

References icalarray_free(), and icaltimezone_init().

Referenced by icaltimezone_free(), and icaltimezone_set_component().

    if (zone->tzid)
            free (zone->tzid);
    if (zone->location)
            free (zone->location);
    if (zone->tznames)
            free (zone->tznames);
    if (zone->component)
            icalcomponent_free (zone->component);
    if (zone->changes)
            icalarray_free (zone->changes);
    icaltimezone_init (zone);

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