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static char * icaltimezone_get_location_from_vtimezone ( icalcomponent *  component  )  [static]

Gets the LOCATION or X-LIC-LOCATION property from a VTIMEZONE.

Definition at line 330 of file icaltimezone.c.

Referenced by icaltimezone_get_vtimezone_properties().

    icalproperty *prop;
    const char *location;
    const char *name;

    prop = icalcomponent_get_first_property (component,
    if (prop) {
      location = icalproperty_get_location (prop);
      if (location)
          return strdup (location);

    prop = icalcomponent_get_first_property (component, ICAL_X_PROPERTY);
    while (prop) {
      name = icalproperty_get_x_name (prop);
      if (name && !strcasecmp (name, "X-LIC-LOCATION")) {
          location = icalproperty_get_x (prop);
          if (location)
            return strdup (location);
      prop = icalcomponent_get_next_property (component,

    return NULL;

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