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/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- */

 * @file    icalproperty_cxx.h
 * @author  fnguyen (12/10/01)
 * @brief   Definition of C++ Wrapper for icalproperty.c
 * (C) COPYRIGHT 2001, Critical Path

 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of either: 

    The LGPL as published by the Free Software Foundation, version
    2.1, available at: http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/lesser.html


    The Mozilla Public License Version 1.0. You may obtain a copy of
    the License at http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/


#include "ical.h"
#include "icptrholder.h"

typedef     char* string; // Will use the string library from STL

class ICalParameter;
class ICalValue;

class ICalProperty {
      ICalProperty(const ICalProperty&) throw(icalerrorenum);
      ICalProperty& operator=(const ICalProperty&) throw(icalerrorenum);

      ICalProperty(icalproperty* v);
      ICalProperty(string str);
      ICalProperty(icalproperty_kind kind);
      ICalProperty(icalproperty_kind kind, string str);

      operator icalproperty*() {return imp;}
        int operator==(ICalProperty& rhs);

      void detach() {
          imp = NULL;

      string as_ical_string();
      icalproperty_kind isa();
      int isa_property(void* property);

      void add_parameter(ICalParameter& parameter);
      void set_parameter(ICalParameter& parameter);
      void set_parameter_from_string(string name, string val);
      string get_parameter_as_string(string name);
      void remove_parameter(icalparameter_kind kind);
      int count_parameters();

      /** Iterate through the parameters */
      ICalParameter* get_first_parameter(icalparameter_kind kind);
      ICalParameter* get_next_parameter(icalparameter_kind kind);

      /** Access the value of the property */
      void set_value(const ICalValue& val);
      void set_value_from_string(string val, string kind);

      ICalValue* get_value();
      string get_value_as_string();

      /** Return the name of the property -- the type name converted
       *  to a string, or the value of get_x_name if the type is X
       *  property
      string get_name();

      /* Deal with X properties */
      static void set_x_name(ICalProperty &prop, string name);
      static string get_x_name(ICalProperty &prop);

      static icalvalue_kind icalparameter_value_to_value_kind(icalparameter_value val);

      /* Convert kinds to string and get default value type */
      static icalvalue_kind kind_to_value_kind(icalproperty_kind kind);
      static icalproperty_kind value_kind_to_kind(icalvalue_kind kind);
      static string kind_to_string(icalproperty_kind kind);
      static icalproperty_kind string_to_kind(string str);

      static icalproperty_method string_to_method(string str);
      static string method_to_string(icalproperty_method method);

      static string enum_to_string(int e);
      static int string_to_enum(string str);

      static string status_to_string(icalproperty_status);
      static icalproperty_status string_to_status(string str);

      static int enum_belongs_to_property(icalproperty_kind kind, int e);

      /* ACTION */
      void set_action(enum icalproperty_action v);
      enum icalproperty_action get_action();

      /* ATTACH */
      void set_attach(icalattach *v);
      icalattach *get_attach();

      /* ATTENDEE */
      void set_attendee(string val);
      string get_attendee();

      /* CALSCALE */
      void set_calscale(string val);
      string get_calscale();

      /* CATEGORIES */
      void set_categories(string val);
      string get_categories();

      /* CLASS */
      void set_class(enum icalproperty_class val);
      enum icalproperty_class get_class();

      /* COMMENT */
      void set_comment(string val);
      string get_comment();

      /* COMPLETED */
      void set_completed(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_completed();

      /* CONTACT */
      void set_contact(string val);
      string get_contact();

      /* CREATED */
      void set_created(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_created();

      /* DESCRIPTION */
      void set_description(string val);
      string get_description();

      /* DTEND */
      void set_dtend(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_dtend();

      /* DTSTAMP */
      void set_dtstamp(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_dtstamp();

      /* DTSTART */
      void set_dtstart(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_dtstart();

      /* DUE */
      void set_due(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_due();

      /* DURATION */
      void set_duration(struct icaldurationtype val);
      struct icaldurationtype get_duration();

      /* EXDATE */
      void set_exdate(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_exdate();

      /* EXPAND */
      void set_expand(int val);
      int get_expand();

      /* EXRULE */
      void set_exrule(struct icalrecurrencetype val);
      struct icalrecurrencetype get_exrule();

      /* FREEBUSY */
      void set_freebusy(struct icalperiodtype val);
      struct icalperiodtype get_freebusy();

      /* GEO */
      void set_geo(struct icalgeotype val);
      struct icalgeotype get_geo();

      /* GRANT */
      void set_grant(string val);
      string get_grant();

      /* LAST-MODIFIED */
      void set_lastmodified(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_lastmodified();

      /* LOCATION */
      void set_location(string val);
      string get_location();

      /* MAXRESULTS */
      void set_maxresults(int val);
      int get_maxresults();

      void set_maxresultsize(int val);
      int get_maxresultsize();

      /* METHOD */
      void set_method(enum icalproperty_method val);
      enum icalproperty_method get_method();

      /* OWNER */
      void set_owner(string val);
      string get_owner();

      /* ORGANIZER */
      void set_organizer(string val);
      string get_organizer();

      void set_percentcomplete(int val);
      int get_percentcomplete();

      /* PRIORITY */
      void set_priority(int val);
      int get_priority();

      /* PRODID */
      void set_prodid(string val);
      string get_prodid();

      /* QUERY */
      void set_query(string val);
      string get_query();

      /* QUERYNAME */
      void set_queryname(string val);
      string get_queryname();

      /* RDATE */
      void set_rdate(struct icaldatetimeperiodtype val);
      struct icaldatetimeperiodtype get_rdate();

      /* RECURRENCE-ID */
      void set_recurrenceid(struct icaltimetype val);
      struct icaltimetype get_recurrenceid();

      /* RELATED-TO */
      void set_relatedto(string val);
      string get_relatedto();

        /* RELCALID */
        void set_relcalid(string val);
        string get_relcalid();

      /* REPEAT */
      void set_repeat(int val);
      int get_repeat();

      /* REQUEST-STATUS */
      void set_requeststatus(string val);
      string get_requeststatus();

      /* RESOURCES */
      void set_resources(string val);
      string get_resources();

      /* RRULE */
      void set_rrule(struct icalrecurrencetype val);
      struct icalrecurrencetype get_rrule();

      /* SCOPE */
      void set_scope(string val);
      string get_scope();

      /* SEQUENCE */
      void set_sequence(int val);
      int get_sequence();

      /* STATUS */
      void set_status(enum icalproperty_status val);
      enum icalproperty_status get_status();

      /* SUMMARY */
      void set_summary(string val);
      string get_summary();

      /* TARGET */
      void set_target(string val);
      string get_target();

      /* TRANSP */
      void set_transp(enum icalproperty_transp val);
      enum icalproperty_transp get_transp();

      /* TRIGGER */
      void set_trigger(struct icaltriggertype val);
      struct icaltriggertype get_trigger();

      /* TZID */
      void set_tzid(string val);
      string get_tzid();

      /* TZNAME */
      void set_tzname(string val);
      string get_tzname();

      /* TZOFFSETFROM */
      void set_tzoffsetfrom(int val);
      int get_tzoffsetfrom();

      /* TZOFFSETTO */
      void set_tzoffsetto(int val);
      int get_tzoffsetto();

      /* TZURL */
      void set_tzurl(string val);
      string get_tzurl();

      /* UID */
      void set_uid(string val);
      string get_uid();

      /* URL */
      void set_url(string val);
      string get_url();

      /* VERSION */
      void set_version(string val);
      string get_version();

      /* X */
      void set_x(string val);
      string get_x();

      void set_xlicclustercount(string val);
      string get_xlicclustercount();

      /* X-LIC-ERROR */
      void set_xlicerror(string val);
      string get_xlicerror();

      void set_xlicmimecharset(string val);
      string get_xlicmimecharset();

      /* X-LIC-MIMECID */
      void set_xlicmimecid(string val);
      string get_xlicmimecid();

      void set_xlicmimecontenttype(string val);
      string get_xlicmimecontenttype();

      void set_xlicmimeencoding(string val);
      string get_xlicmimeencoding();

      void set_xlicmimefilename(string val);
      string get_xlicmimefilename();

      void set_xlicmimeoptinfo(string val);
      string get_xlicmimeoptinfo();

  icalproperty* imp; /**< The actual C based icalproperty */

typedef ICPointerHolder<ICalProperty> ICalPropertyTmpPtr;   /* see icptrholder.h for comments */

#endif /* ICalProperty_H */

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