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/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- */

 * @file    vcomponent.h
 * @author  fnguyen (12/10/01)
 * @brief   C++ classes for the icalcomponent wrapper (VToDo VEvent, etc..).
 * (C) COPYRIGHT 2001, Critical Path

 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of either: 

    The LGPL as published by the Free Software Foundation, version
    2.1, available at: http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/lesser.html


    The Mozilla Public License Version 1.0. You may obtain a copy of
    the License at http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/


#include "ical.h"
#include "icptrholder.h"

typedef     char* string; // Will use the string library from STL

class ICalProperty;

 * @class VComponent
 * @brief A class wrapping the libical icalcomponent functions
 * @exception icalerrorenum   Any errors generated in libical are
 *                            propogated via this exception type.

00040 class VComponent {
      VComponent()                             throw (icalerrorenum);
      VComponent(const VComponent&)            throw (icalerrorenum);
      VComponent& operator=(const VComponent&) throw (icalerrorenum);
      virtual ~VComponent();

      VComponent(icalcomponent* v)        throw (icalerrorenum);
      VComponent(string str)              throw (icalerrorenum);
      VComponent(icalcomponent_kind kind) throw (icalerrorenum);;

      operator icalcomponent* () { return imp; }

      void new_from_string(string str);

      // detach imp to this object. use with caution. it would cause
      // memory leak if you are not careful.
      void detach() {
          imp = NULL;

      string as_ical_string() throw (icalerrorenum);
      bool is_valid();
      icalcomponent_kind isa();
      int isa_component(void* component);

      /// Working with properties
      void add_property(ICalProperty* property);
      void remove_property(ICalProperty* property);
      int count_properties(icalproperty_kind kind);

      // Iterate through the properties
      ICalProperty* get_current_property();
      ICalProperty* get_first_property(icalproperty_kind kind);
      ICalProperty* get_next_property(icalproperty_kind kind);

      // Working with components

       *  Return the first VEVENT, VTODO or VJOURNAL sub-component if
       *   it is one of those types 

      VComponent* get_inner();

      void add_component(VComponent* child);
      void remove_component(VComponent* child);
      int count_components(icalcomponent_kind kind);

       * Iteration Routines. There are two forms of iterators,
       * internal and external. The internal ones came first, and
       * are almost completely sufficient, but they fail badly when
       * you want to construct a loop that removes components from
       * the container.

      /// Iterate through components
      VComponent* get_current_component();
      VComponent* get_first_component(icalcomponent_kind kind);
      VComponent* get_next_component(icalcomponent_kind kind);

      /// Using external iterators
      icalcompiter begin_component(icalcomponent_kind kind);
      icalcompiter end_component(icalcomponent_kind kind);
      VComponent* next(icalcompiter* i);
      VComponent* prev(icalcompiter* i);
      VComponent* current(icalcompiter* i);

      /// Working with embedded error properties
      int count_errors();

      /// Remove all X-LIC-ERROR properties
      void strip_errors();

      /// Convert some X-LIC-ERROR properties into RETURN-STATUS properties
      void convert_errors();

      /// Kind conversion routines 
      static icalcomponent_kind string_to_kind(string str);
      static string kind_to_string(icalcomponent_kind kind);

      struct icaltimetype get_dtstart();
      void set_dtstart(struct icaltimetype v);

      /** For the icalcomponent routines only, dtend and duration
       *  are tied together. If you call the set routine for one and
       *  the other exists, the routine will calculate the change to
       *  the other. That is, if there is a DTEND and you call
       *  set_duration, the routine will modify DTEND to be the sum
       *  of DTSTART and the duration. If you call a get routine for
       *  one and the other exists, the routine will calculate the
       *  return value. If you call a set routine and neither
       *  exists, the routine will create the apropriate property

      struct icaltimetype get_dtend();
      void set_dtend(struct icaltimetype v);

        struct icaltimetype get_due();
        void set_due(struct icaltimetype v);

      struct icaldurationtype get_duration();
      void set_duration(struct icaldurationtype v);

      icalproperty_method get_method();
      void set_method(icalproperty_method method);

      struct icaltimetype get_dtstamp();
      void set_dtstamp(struct icaltimetype v);

      string get_summary();
      void set_summary(string v);

        string get_location();
        void set_location(string v);

        string get_description();
        void set_description(string v);

      string get_comment();
      void set_comment(string v);

      string get_uid();
      void set_uid(string v);

      string get_relcalid();
      void set_relcalid(string v);

      struct icaltimetype get_recurrenceid();
      void set_recurrenceid(struct icaltimetype v);

        int get_sequence();
        void set_sequence(int v);

        int get_status();
        void set_status(enum icalproperty_status v);

       * For VCOMPONENT: Return a reference to the first VEVENT,
       * VTODO, or VJOURNAL
      VComponent* get_first_real_component();

       * For VEVENT, VTODO, VJOURNAL and VTIMEZONE: report the
       * start and end times of an event in UTC 
      virtual struct icaltime_span get_span();

        int recurrence_is_excluded(struct icaltimetype *dtstart,
                                   struct icaltimetype *recurtime);

         helper functions for adding/removing/updating property and
         sub-components */

      /// Note: the VComponent kind have to be the same

      bool remove(VComponent&, bool ignoreValue);
      bool update(VComponent&, bool removeMissing);
      bool add(VComponent&);

      /* Internal operations. They are private, and you should not be using them. */
      VComponent* get_parent();
      void set_parent(VComponent *parent);

        char* quote_ical_string(char* str);

      icalcomponent* imp;

class VCalendar : public VComponent {
      VCalendar(const VCalendar&);
      VCalendar& operator=(const VCalendar&);

      VCalendar(icalcomponent* v);
      VCalendar(string str);

class VEvent : public VComponent {
      VEvent(const VEvent&);
      VEvent& operator=(const VEvent&);

      VEvent(icalcomponent* v);
      VEvent(string str);

class VToDo : public VComponent {
      VToDo(const VToDo&);
      VToDo& operator=(const VToDo&);

      VToDo(icalcomponent* v);
      VToDo(string str);

class VAgenda : public VComponent {
        VAgenda(const VAgenda&);
        VAgenda& operator=(const VAgenda&);

      VAgenda(icalcomponent* v);
        VAgenda(string str);

class VQuery : public VComponent {
      VQuery(const VQuery&);
      VQuery& operator=(const VQuery&);

      VQuery(icalcomponent* v);
      VQuery(string str);

class VJournal : public VComponent {
      VJournal(const VJournal&);
      VJournal& operator=(const VJournal&);

      VJournal(icalcomponent* v);
      VJournal(string str);

class VAlarm : public VComponent {
      VAlarm(const VAlarm&);
      VAlarm& operator=(const VAlarm&);

      VAlarm(icalcomponent* v);
      VAlarm(string str);

       *  compute the absolute trigger time for this alarm. trigger
       *  may be related to the containing component c.  the result
       *  is populated in tr->time
      icalrequeststatus getTriggerTime(VComponent &c, struct icaltriggertype *tr);

class VFreeBusy : public VComponent {
      VFreeBusy(const VFreeBusy&);
      VFreeBusy& operator=(const VFreeBusy&);

      VFreeBusy(icalcomponent* v);
      VFreeBusy(string str);

class VTimezone : public VComponent {
      VTimezone(const VTimezone&);
      VTimezone& operator=(const VTimezone&);

      VTimezone(icalcomponent* v);
      VTimezone(string str);

class XStandard : public VComponent {
      XStandard(const XStandard&);
      XStandard& operator=(const XStandard&);

      XStandard(icalcomponent* v);
      XStandard(string str);

class XDaylight : public VComponent {
      XDaylight(const XDaylight&);
      XDaylight& operator=(const XDaylight&);

      XDaylight(icalcomponent* v);
      XDaylight(string str);

typedef ICPointerHolder<VComponent> VComponentTmpPtr; /* see icptrholder.h for comments */

#endif /* VComponent_H */

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