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net::cp::jlibical::ICalDurationType Class Reference

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Detailed Description

struct icaldurationtype

Definition at line 10 of file ICalDurationType.java.

Public Member Functions

long getDays ()
long getHours ()
int getIs_neg ()
long getMinutes ()
long getSeconds ()
long getWeeks ()
 ICalDurationType ()
void setDays (long lcl_arg0)
void setHours (long lcl_arg0)
void setIs_neg (int lcl_arg0)
void setMinutes (long lcl_arg0)
void setSeconds (long lcl_arg0)
void setWeeks (long lcl_arg0)

Package Functions

 ICalDurationType (long obj)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

native void init (long aDuration)

Static Private Member Functions

static native void initFIDs ()

Private Attributes

long days
long hours
int is_neg
long minutes
long seconds
long weeks

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