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struct icaltimetype icaltime_from_timet ( const time_t  tm,
const int  is_date 
) [read]

Constructor (deprecated).

Convert seconds past UNIX epoch to a timetype

Convert seconds past UNIX epoch to a timetype.

This constructor is deprecated and shouldn't be used in new software. Use icaltime_from_timet_with_zone(time_t, int, icaltimezone *) instead. In the meantime, calls to this method return a floating time, which can always be converted to a local time with an appropriate call to icaltime_convert_to_zone().

Definition at line 160 of file icaltime.c.

      icalerror_warn("icaltime_from_timet() is DEPRECATED, use icaltime_from_timet_with_zone() instead");

      return icaltime_from_timet_with_zone(tm, is_date, 0);

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