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icalgauge.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Routines implementing a filter for ical components.

Definition in file icalgauge.h.

#include <icalcomponent.h>

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typedef struct icalgauge_impl icalgauge


char * icalgauge_as_sql (icalcomponent *gauge)
int icalgauge_compare (icalgauge *g, icalcomponent *comp)
 Return true if comp matches the gauge.
void icalgauge_dump (icalgauge *gauge)
 Debug Print gauge information to stdout.
void icalgauge_free (icalgauge *gauge)
int icalgauge_get_expand (icalgauge *gauge)
icalcomponent * icalgauge_new_clone (icalgauge *g, icalcomponent *comp)
icalgauge * icalgauge_new_from_sql (char *sql, int expand)

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