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/* -*- Mode: C++ -*- */

 * @file    icalparameter_cxx.h
 * @author  fnguyen (12/10/01)
 * @brief   Definition of C++ Wrapper for icalparameter.c
 * (C) COPYRIGHT 2001, Critical Path

 This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 it under the terms of either: 

    The LGPL as published by the Free Software Foundation, version
    2.1, available at: http://www.fsf.org/copyleft/lesser.html


    The Mozilla Public License Version 1.0. You may obtain a copy of
    the License at http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/


extern "C" {
#include "ical.h"

#include "icptrholder.h"

typedef     char* string; // Will use the string library from STL

class ICalParameter {
      ICalParameter() throw(icalerrorenum);
      ICalParameter(const ICalParameter&) throw(icalerrorenum);
      ICalParameter& operator=(const ICalParameter&) throw(icalerrorenum);

      ICalParameter(icalparameter* v)  throw(icalerrorenum);

        // Create from string of form "PARAMNAME=VALUE"
      ICalParameter(string str) throw(icalerrorenum);

        // Create from just the value, the part after the "="
      ICalParameter(icalparameter_kind kind, string  str) throw(icalerrorenum); 
      ICalParameter(icalparameter_kind kind) throw(icalerrorenum);

      operator icalparameter*() { return imp; }

      void detach() {
          imp = NULL;

      string as_ical_string() throw(icalerrorenum);
      bool is_valid();
      icalparameter_kind isa( );
      int isa_parameter(void* param);
      /* Acess the name of an X parameer */
      static void set_xname (ICalParameter  &param, string  v);
      static string get_xname(ICalParameter  &param);
      static void set_xvalue (ICalParameter  &param, string  v);
      static string get_xvalue(ICalParameter  &param);

      /* Convert enumerations */
      static string kind_to_string(icalparameter_kind kind);
      static icalparameter_kind string_to_kind(string  str);

      /* DELEGATED-FROM */
      string get_delegatedfrom();
      void set_delegatedfrom(string  v);

      /* RELATED */
      icalparameter_related get_related();
      void set_related(icalparameter_related v);

      /* SENT-BY */
      string get_sentby();
      void set_sentby(string  v);

      /* LANGUAGE */
      string get_language();
      void set_language(string  v);

      /* RELTYPE */
      icalparameter_reltype get_reltype();
      void set_reltype(icalparameter_reltype v);

      /* ENCODING */
      icalparameter_encoding get_encoding();
      void set_encoding(icalparameter_encoding v);

      /* ALTREP */
      string get_altrep();
      void set_altrep(string  v);

      /* FMTTYPE */
      string get_fmttype();
      void set_fmttype(string  v);

      /* FBTYPE */
      icalparameter_fbtype get_fbtype();
      void set_fbtype(icalparameter_fbtype v);

      /* RSVP */
      icalparameter_rsvp get_rsvp();
      void set_rsvp(icalparameter_rsvp v);

      /* RANGE */
      icalparameter_range get_range();
      void set_range(icalparameter_range v);

      /* DELEGATED-TO */
      string get_delegatedto();
      void set_delegatedto(string  v);

      /* CN */
      string get_cn();
      void set_cn(string  v);

      /* ROLE */
      icalparameter_role get_role();
      void set_role(icalparameter_role v);

      icalparameter_xliccomparetype get_xliccomparetype();
      void set_xliccomparetype(icalparameter_xliccomparetype v);

      /* PARTSTAT */
      icalparameter_partstat get_partstat();
      void set_partstat(icalparameter_partstat v);

      /* X-LIC-ERRORTYPE */
      icalparameter_xlicerrortype get_xlicerrortype();
      void set_xlicerrortype(icalparameter_xlicerrortype v);

      /* MEMBER */
      string get_member();
      void set_member(string  v);

      /* X */
      string get_x();
      void set_x(string  v);

      /* CUTYPE */
      icalparameter_cutype get_cutype();
      void set_cutype(icalparameter_cutype v);

      /* TZID */
      string get_tzid();
      void set_tzid(string  v);

      /* VALUE */
      icalparameter_value get_value();
      void set_value(icalparameter_value v);

      /* DIR */
      string get_dir();
      void set_dir(string  v);

      icalparameter* imp;


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