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enum icalrecurrencetype_weekday icalrecurrencetype_day_day_of_week ( short  day  ) 

The 'day' element of icalrecurrencetype_weekday is encoded to allow representation of both the day of the week ( Monday, Tueday), but also the Nth day of the week ( First tuesday of the month, last thursday of the year) These routines decode the day values.

The day's position in the period ( Nth-ness) and the numerical value of the day are encoded together as: pos*7 + dow

A position of 0 means 'any' or 'every'

Definition at line 2355 of file icalrecur.c.

Referenced by expand_by_day(), icalrecur_iterator_new(), and icalrecurrencetype_day_position().

    return abs(day)%8;

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