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icalset.h File Reference

Detailed Description

eric 28 November 1999
Icalset is the "base class" for representations of a collection of iCal components. Derived classes (actually delegatees) include:

icalfileset Store components in a single file icaldirset Store components in multiple files in a directory icalbdbset Store components in a Berkeley DB File icalheapset Store components on the heap icalmysqlset Store components in a mysql database.

Definition in file icalset.h.

#include <limits.h>
#include <libical/ical.h>
#include <icalgauge.h>

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struct  icalset_impl
struct  icalsetiter


#define ICAL_PATH_MAX   1024


typedef struct icalset_impl icalset


enum  icalset_kind { ICAL_FILE_SET, ICAL_DIR_SET, ICAL_BDB_SET }


icalerrorenum icalset_add_component (icalset *set, icalcomponent *comp)
icalsetiter icalset_begin_component (icalset *set, icalcomponent_kind kind, icalgauge *gauge)
void icalset_clear_select (icalset *set)
icalerrorenum icalset_commit (icalset *set)
int icalset_count_components (icalset *set, icalcomponent_kind kind)
icalcomponent * icalset_fetch (icalset *set, const char *uid)
icalcomponent * icalset_fetch_match (icalset *set, icalcomponent *c)
void icalset_free (icalset *set)
icalcomponent * icalset_get_current_component (icalset *set)
icalcomponent * icalset_get_first_component (icalset *set)
icalcomponent * icalset_get_next_component (icalset *set)
int icalset_has_uid (icalset *set, const char *uid)
void icalset_mark (icalset *set)
icalerrorenum icalset_modify (icalset *set, icalcomponent *oldc, icalcomponent *newc)
icalset * icalset_new (icalset_kind kind, const char *dsn, void *options)
 Generic icalset constructor.
icalset * icalset_new_dir (const char *path)
icalset * icalset_new_file (const char *path)
icalset * icalset_new_file_reader (const char *path)
icalset * icalset_new_file_writer (const char *path)
const char * icalset_path (icalset *set)
int icalset_register_class (icalset *set)
 Register a new derived class.
icalerrorenum icalset_remove_component (icalset *set, icalcomponent *comp)
icalerrorenum icalset_select (icalset *set, icalgauge *gauge)
icalcomponent * icalsetiter_deref (icalsetiter *i)
icalcomponent * icalsetiter_next (icalsetiter *i)
icalcomponent * icalsetiter_prior (icalsetiter *i)
icalcomponent * icalsetiter_to_next (icalset *set, icalsetiter *i)
icalcomponent * icalsetiter_to_prior (icalset *set, icalsetiter *i)


icalsetiter icalsetiter_null

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