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icalmemory.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Common memory management routines.

libical often passes strings back to the caller. To make these interfaces simple, I did not want the caller to have to pass in a memory buffer, but having libical pass out newly allocated memory makes it difficult to de-allocate the memory.

The ring buffer in this scheme makes it possible for libical to pass out references to memory which the caller does not own, and be able to de-allocate the memory later. The ring allows libical to have several buffers active simultaneously, which is handy when creating string representations of components.

Definition in file icalmemory.c.

#include "icalmemory.h"
#include "icalerror.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

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struct  buffer_ring


#define BUFFER_RING_SIZE   2500
#define MIN_BUFFER_SIZE   200


static buffer_ring * buffer_ring_new (void)
static buffer_ring * get_buffer_ring (void)
static buffer_ring * get_buffer_ring_global (void)
void icalmemory_add_tmp_buffer (void *buf)
void icalmemory_append_char (char **buf, char **pos, size_t *buf_size, char ch)
void icalmemory_append_string (char **buf, char **pos, size_t *buf_size, const char *string)
void icalmemory_free_buffer (void *buf)
void icalmemory_free_ring ()
void icalmemory_free_ring_byval (buffer_ring *br)
void icalmemory_free_tmp_buffer (void *buf)
void * icalmemory_new_buffer (size_t size)
void * icalmemory_resize_buffer (void *buf, size_t size)
char * icalmemory_strdup (const char *s)
void * icalmemory_tmp_buffer (size_t size)
char * icalmemory_tmp_copy (const char *str)


static buffer_ring * global_buffer_ring = 0

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