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 FILE: ICalValue.java
 CREATOR: gnorman 01/10/02
 (C) COPYRIGHT 2002, Critical Path

package net.cp.jlibical;

public class ICalValue 
      /** It's not typesafe, but it's simple to understand! */
00012       public interface ICalValueKind 
            // icalvalue_kind
            int ICAL_ANY_VALUE=5000;
            int ICAL_BOOLEAN_VALUE=5001;
            int ICAL_UTCOFFSET_VALUE=5002;
            int ICAL_RECUR_VALUE=5003;
            int ICAL_METHOD_VALUE=5004;
            int ICAL_CALADDRESS_VALUE=5005;
            int ICAL_PERIOD_VALUE=5006;
            int ICAL_STATUS_VALUE=5007;
            int ICAL_BINARY_VALUE=5008;
            int ICAL_TEXT_VALUE=5009;
            int ICAL_DATETIMEDATE_VALUE=5010;
            int ICAL_DURATION_VALUE=5011;
            int ICAL_DATETIMEPERIOD_VALUE=5012;
            int ICAL_INTEGER_VALUE=5013;
            int ICAL_TIME_VALUE=5014;
            int ICAL_URI_VALUE=5015;
            int ICAL_TRIGGER_VALUE=5016;
            int ICAL_ATTACH_VALUE=5017;
            int ICAL_CLASS_VALUE=5018;
            int ICAL_FLOAT_VALUE=5019;
            int ICAL_QUERY_VALUE=5020;
            int ICAL_STRING_VALUE=5021;
            int ICAL_TRANSP_VALUE=5022;
            int ICAL_X_VALUE=5023;
            int ICAL_DATETIME_VALUE=5024;
            int ICAL_GEO_VALUE=5025;
            int ICAL_DATE_VALUE=5026;
            int ICAL_ACTION_VALUE=5027;
            int ICAL_NO_VALUE=5028;

      * Constructor for ICalValue
      * @param obj c++ pointer
      private ICalValue(long obj)

      public ICalValue()

      public ICalValue(/* ICalValueKind */ int kind)

      public ICalValue(/* ICalValueKind */ int kind, String  str)

      public native String as_ical_string();
      //public native boolean is_valid();
      public native /* ICalValueKind */ int isa();
      public native boolean isa_value(Object value);

      /* Special, non autogenerated value accessors */
      //void set_recur(struct icalrecurrencetype v);
      //struct icalrecurrencetype get_recur();

      public native void set_trigger(ICalTriggerType v);
      public native ICalTriggerType get_trigger();

      //void set_datetimeperiod(struct icaldatetimeperiodtype v);
      //struct icaldatetimeperiodtype get_datetimeperiod();

      //public native static /* ICalParameterXLicCompareType */ int compare(ICalValue a, ICalValue b);

      /* Convert enumerations */
      //public native static /* ICalValueKind */ int string_to_kind(String str);
      //public native String kind_to_string(/* ICalValueKind */ int kind);

      /* BOOLEAN */
      //public native int get_boolean();
      //public native void set_boolean(int v);

      /* UTC-OFFSET */
      //public native int get_utcoffset();
      //public native void set_utcoffset(int v);

      /* METHOD */
      public native /* ICalPropertyMethod */ int get_method();
      public native void set_method(/* ICalPropertyMethod */ int v);

      /* CAL-ADDRESS */
      //public native String get_caladdress();
      //public native void set_caladdress(String  v);

      /* PERIOD */
      //struct icalperiodtype get_period();
      //void set_period(struct icalperiodtype v);

      /* STATUS */
      //public native /* ICalPropertyStatus */ int get_status();
      //public native void set_status(/* ICalPropertyStatus */ int v);

      /* BINARY */
      //public native String get_binary();
      //public native void set_binary(String  v);

      /* TEXT */
      public native String get_text();
      public native void set_text(String  v);

      /* DATE-TIME-DATE */
      //ICalTimeType get_datetimedate();
      //void set_datetimedate(ICalTimeType v);

      /* DURATION */
      public native ICalDurationType get_duration();
      public native void set_duration(ICalDurationType v);

      /* INTEGER */
      //public native int get_integer();
      //public native void set_integer(int v);

      /* TIME */
      //ICalTimeType get_time();
      //void set_time(ICalTimeType v);

      /* URI */
      //public native String get_uri();
      //public native void set_uri(String  v);

      /* ATTACH */
      //struct icalattachtype get_attach();
      //void set_attach(struct icalattachtype v);

      /* CLASS */
      //public native /* ICalPropertyClass */ int get_class();
      //public native void set_class(/* ICalPropertyClass */ int v);

      /* FLOAT */
      //public native float get_float();
      //public native void set_float(float v);

      /* QUERY */
      public native String get_query();
      public native void set_query(String  v);

      /* STRING */
      //public native String get_string();
      //public native void set_string(String  v);

      /* TRANSP */
      //public native /* ICalPropertyTransp */ int get_transp();
      //public native void set_transp(/* ICalPropertyTransp */ int v);

      /* DATE-TIME */
      public native ICalTimeType get_datetime();
      public native void set_datetime(ICalTimeType v);

      /* GEO */
      //struct icalgeotype get_geo();
      //void set_geo(struct icalgeotype v);

      /* DATE */
      //ICalTimeType get_date();
      //void set_date(ICalTimeType v);

      /* ACTION */
      public native /* ICalPropertyAction */ int get_action();
      public native void set_action(/* ICalPropertyAction */ int v);

       * init the native class
      private void init(long obj)
            m_Obj = obj;

      private native void init();
      private native void init(/* ICalValueKind */ int kind, String str);
      private native void init(/* ICalValueKind */ int kind);

       * load the jni library for this class
      static {

      public static void main(String[] args)
            System.out.println("*** ICalValue main called ok.");

      /** pointer to C++ object  */
      private long      m_Obj = 0;

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